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In 2005 I was involved in an auto accident.  I suffered  numerous injuries that didn’t seem to respond to conventional medical  treatments.  After doing research and talking to friends, I decided to  seek treatment with a Chiropractor.  This was my first experience seeing  a Chiropractor, and I didn’t know what to expect.  I certainly didn’t  expect to start feeling relief after the very first visit!

Dr Ryan Thomas not only calmed the pain in my neck and back, but  also had the knowledge  to suspect a jaw problem associated with the  impact, that was causing the headaches and dizzy spells I was  suffering.  Without his care, I am sure a proper diagnosis, and  subsequent treatment,  would never have been  found.

I am so grateful to Dr Thomas for helping me regain my  health.  Without his care, I don’t know where I’d be  today! – A.S.

After a terrible  car accident, I had a number or complicated medical issues.  During the 3 years of recovery, Dr.  Thomas was the one medical practitioner that truly helped me through  chiropractic care, research, advice and support.  Dr. Thomas never gave up on me and my  case, even when I was ready to give up on myself.  His willingness to fight for me, the  patient, has ensured that I can live a fairly normal life again.  Dr. Thomas is an excellent  chiropractor, medical professional and friend. K. S.

After my automobile accident, I had never been to a  chiropractor before, and was encourage to go for relief of the pain. No  sure what to expect, and explained to Dr. Thomas, he assured me that I will be  just fine. The treatment and care I received from Dr. Thomas and the  friendliness of his office staff was excellent. I learned new things about the  why’s of my discomfort and also advice a “layperson” can understand, that I  have even passed on to others. M.J.